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Here I am






Talking about oneself may be a difficult task for many, but for me ,telling somebody who I am is an easy job. I'm a very friendly and sensitive person who does not talk too much in peer reunions, but who transforms herself into a great speaker when the time of performing comes. I appreciate people for whom they are, not for what they have and/or can offer me. I give away my time and knowledge without expecting something in reward, more than the satisfaction I get for sharing and giving knowledge for those who need them.

I am a romantic person, lover of romantic music and love stories. I enjoy reading as much as enjoy writing. The key of my personal improvement resides in the values that I have gain through life; from my family, my community and the environment where I grew up. I always try to get the good things out of the difficulties that I had to face. I never let fear to hold me down when I want my voice to be heard. I go through life always with my head facing North, and I believe that only the person who thinks that there is nothing impossible in this life will get to reach his/her goals.

I am not a follower, but my ideas and perceptions of certain situations and conditions might be changed if convincing reasons and facts are provided, therefore I am very open minded and a critical thinker.

I am also a hard worker. I follow my dreams and try to satisfy my expectations, which most of the time are very high and demanding, but I usually work them out.

This e-portfolio is all about me; my motivations, my goals, my skills, my family, my community, my interests. Hope you enjoy the trip trough it!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.