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What is an ePortfolio?


This semester, you will be posting all of your work to an ePortfolio, either your individual ePortfolio or the Course Website (what you are on right now), also an ePortfolio. Some of you have already used ePortfolios in other courses, but some of you are first being introduced to this particular technology this semester. As such, I thought you would appreciate a description of the new technological tool you will be using.


ePortfolios are online spaces for teachers and students to communicate, share, reflect and collaborate in and outside of the classroom. As a student, your ePortfolio is a way for you to show an audience (family, employer, school, teachers, fellow students) who you are and what you have accomplished. It is a way to express your identity and your aspirations.


Your ePortfolio can be made available to anyone with a web browser, or to selected groups or individuals (such as those in this course), or you can keep it private until you're ready to publish. In this course, your will have specific tasks or assignments you will have to post to your ePortfolio, but remember: the ePortfolio is your space. It's not "My Space," but it is your online home as a CUNY Online student. Enjoy!


Personal ePortfolio Template: The template you will be using to create the ePortfolio you will use to submit individual work is viewable by clicking here. It will also appear in the "Templates" section when you create your ePortfolio.


Logging In and Help with ePortfolios: For ePortfolio Login and guidance on creating your ePortfolio, click here. The ePortfolio Team has created a very helpful ePortfolio resource site (click here to view), that will guide you through many of the steps of creating and adding content to your ePortfolios. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.