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final projects


Following are final projects developed by students in this course, exploring diverse topics of interest. Click on the links in the folowing list to see projects reflecting the disability concerns of each writer: disability as a social justice issue in early childhood education, "freak" identity in disability history, and personal reflections on epilepsy and bipolar disorder informed by recent exposure to critical disability studies.

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User-uploaded Content
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Members of the class, December 2015


"Bipolar Disorder and Parenthood in Contemporary Film" by Nora Moncada (PDF)

"I Inspire You As You Objectify Me" by Alradh Doumah (PDF)
"Disability and Monstrosity" by Arlinda Mulosmanaj (PDF)

"Invisible Disability" by Jobse Reyes (MS-Word)

"My Dream Job" by Carina Resto (MS-Word)

"Exploitation in Disability: Freak Shows" by Hanse L. Buchanan (PDF)

"Wondrous" by Jannisse Sandoz (website)

"Epilepsy & Religion" by Berta Ventura (website)

"Disability & Media" by Sirky Sanchez (MS-Word)

"Disability in China & India" (and bibliography) by Morgan Mendez (PDFs)

"Dancing with a Disability" by Latisha Cintron (MS-Word)

"Malfunctioning Technology & Broken Bodies/Minds" by Jose L. Rodriguez (website)

"Fictions of Disabilities" by Amirah Boswell-Mathu (Facebook group)

"Buddhism and Its Response to Disability" by Tsamchoe Lhakhang (MS-Word)

"Disability in the Realm of Comic Books" by Paul Morgan (PDF)

"Overcoming Autism" by Ashley Lewis (MS-Word)

"We Will Move to the Next Level" by Delroy Askins (PDF)

"Autism Representations in Fiction novels & Media" by Starrtaya Reyes (Pages)

"Special Education and Disability" by Carina Murray (PowerPoint PDF)

"Disability in Comic Books/Literature" by Ramon Amaro (PDF)

"Discrimination in Public Transportation" (& bibliography) by Olga Beauport (PDF)

"Teaching Second Graders about Disability as Diversity" by Delilah Santos (MS-Word)

"Disability in Children's Entertainment" by Ismelda Liz (PowerPoint)

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.