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Before You Even Think of Transfering


First and foremost are you sure that you are graduating and ready to transfer?


A large percentage of students believe that they are graduating but they never do because they fail to keep track of their classes, grades, and CPE results.

So, look over your curriculum. Check off the classes you've completed and place the grade that you earned beside it.  This reassures that you've passed and received the credit for the class. The same goes for the CPE. You should have taken your CPE once arriving to your 45th credit.  If you haven't taken the CPE, schedule it immediately.  You may have up to three attempts at passing the exam, maybe even a fourth.  You are required to score in both sections of the exam and they must tally up to a minimum raw score of 34 in order to pass.  I recommend you register for the CPE workshops at the same time you schedule your exam.  The workshops are extremely helpful in understanding the exam and what it requires of you. 


If you passed your CPE, Passed all your classes, completed your curriculum and have a grade point average of at least a 2.0 (there have been exceptions), then you are on your way to graduating from Bronx Community College.


Just to be sure that everything is in order, go over to the Cuny Portal and login.  Once logged in look on your profile page for Student Advisement/Degree Audit (Degree works).  Once you find yourself in Degree Solutions, click on the Audit tab and you should be able to see your degree progress and completion. This site really allows you to see what you are missing to graduate and what you have completed.  This site is updated gradually so don't be surprised if your current grades haven't shown up on it.


Make sure you get together with your advisor to make sure everything is in order.  There's bound to be a few things that I've missed so it's better to be safe then sorry by going to your advisor.  If everything is in order and you are graduating, then you are ready to begin your transferring process.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.