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English 16 is a class for Poetry by women.  We were assigned to write interpretations for selected Poetry.  We were also required to create our own poems. The following poem was one that I created and read to the class.


WhEn I gRow Up

Eyes that sparkle  

with an infinite amount of possbilities, 

are filled with so much hope, an endless

source of opportunities.

She stands before the class,

loose leaf paper tight in hand.

Heart is beating fast,

as she begins her reading task.

She reads her future plans,

mentally repeating 'I know I can'.

She slowly begins as if it were all simple fact,

"When I grow up I want to be a super thunder cat.

they'll call me Lady Cheetah,

my legs will move so fast.

No one will see me pass,

they'll only see the dust I'll cast.

I'll be known as Lady Cheetah the ruler of the land,

and show these stinky boys how a girl can take a stand.

I'll run to the top of a mountain

with a crown upon my head,

and raise my sword in trumph

because all evil will be dead.

I'll smile and say those words that you all know so well,

Thunder, thunder, thunder cat hhooo, good always prevails.."

She finishes her speech

with excitement to say the least,

but the happiness quickly dies

when the class begins to tease.

Mrs Prat stands and begins to speak,

"Honey, there's no way you can be that character you seek.

You see, cartoons are make believe.

You have to try to think realistlically.

She had the audacity,      

To tell me

I couldn't be

What I wanted to be

that my childhood dream

could never become a reality.

So I'll say this to u Mrs Prat,

I've grown up and I'm a super thunder cat.

I go by the name of lady cheetah.

My legs move so fast

no one ever sees me pass,

they only see the dust I cast,

and I'm the ruler of the land,

Cause I took a stand against any evil hand.

Yet I'm so much more,

With my skills I've created worlds

Where people will live together in peace not war.

I can send a worldwide message saying the power lies within thee.

Because through my writing I can be anything I want to be.

To all the Mrs Prats in the world think before you speak,

You have no real idea what the youth is truly capable of so don't belittle the future they seek...

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.