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Crystal Rivas                                                                                                11.11.2008

ENG11 Section: 1853

Dr. Sedore

Journal #4

Bondi’s Brother, by Irving Roth and Edward Roth


“The Mishna says, “Be slow to anger and quick to forgive,” so I controlled myself.”


I really like this quote and couldn’t help but keep it in mind.  It really caught my attention and grasped my mind but in a way it’s easier said then done.  To be able to remember such a thing Ervin must have truly embraced Mishna’s lessons. 


“Apu’s lips thinned.  “That’s because Abraham was talking to God.  God is fair.  Not human beings.  Human beings are a totally different story.”


            This statement is a wonderful example of logo, and I agree with it completely.  This whole story reveals the injustice that lies in the hands of humanity.  It was an important lesson Ervin received as a child.  In a way, it foreshadows future events that will occur throughout the book.  

            It’s a good thing that Apu revealed this message to him.  If he hadn’t said this Ervin could have spent a lot of his time struggling over what is fair and unfair in Gods reasoning. 


“Grandpa said he was a pensioner and was told to go to the right.  I was told to go to the left.  I asked the kapo (inmate camp enforcer) Where they took my Grandfather.  He said, “Up the Chimneys.”


            Cruel.  All so cruel.  The very thing he thought would save him was the thing that destroyed him.  To try and understand such decisions is almost impossible.  This event must have been a great reality check for Ervin.                


“I went over to the Schreiber to tell him we were discharged.  He said, “I know.  You’re discharged.”  Bondi and I walked back to the barracks.  That night I found out, right after we left there was a selection in the hospital ward.”


            Death was at every corner.  Being at the camps meant that you were never safe.  Thanks to certain people, Ervin was able to survive. 

            I’m actually quite surprised that there was a hospital ward in the concentration camp.  I’m surprised that the sick were allowed to be nursed to health.  It’s like they’re tortured and were kept alive simply to continue the torture. 



“the poor Jews were standing around at the station waving their hands, wishing they were the ones leaving on the train.  I looked away.  All I wanted to think about was America.  I never wanted to see Humenna again.”


            So much negativity and heart break.  I honestly don’t blame him for wanting only to look ahead.  There’s so much negativity, so many painful memories lurking in every corner of that land.  I’m not surprised of the need, the relief to run away to a new world.   The fact that they’re willing to keeping moving and fighting shows the extent of their strength.  

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.