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Crystal Rivas                                                                         September 8, 2010

ENGL 33100

Section D

Summary: A Scandal In Bohemia

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal In Bohemia by Arthur Conan Doyle was a story about a potential scandal that involved the king of Bohemia and a woman.  Sherlock Holmes was hired to prevent the scandal from coming out. 

The Bohemian crowned prince visited Warsaw where he met a “well-known adventuress, Irene Adler.”  During their time of relations they took pictures together.  When the crowned prince became king  their relationship ended. 

Five years past the king was to be married to the second daughter of the king of Scandinavia.  Irene  sent him a letter threatening to release the photos of them to the king of Scandinavia and ruin him on the day he publically announced their engagement.  The king tried to buy the photograph from her but she would not sell.  He tired to retrieve the picture five time through brute force but the picture was well hidden and never retrieved.  Irene Adler had been warned that if the king employed an agent to get the picture then it would be Sherlock Holmes.

The King of Bohemia sent Sherlock Holmes an Undated, unsigned and unaddressed letter requesting his services, and he planned to conceal his identity by  wearing a mask.  Holmes received the letter and was in the process of analyzing it when his friend Dr. Watson paid him a visit  after being away due to his new marriage.  They greeted each other and analyzed the letter.  The King arrived with a mask on his face trying to hide his identity, but Holmes saw through it immediately and urged him to speak of his problem.  The king told him of his problem with Irene and that he need someone to retrieve the picture.  Holmes agreed to take on the job. 

Holmes left the house dressed in disguise a little after eight o’clock the next morning to investigate Irene and her home.   Due to a series of events the disguised Sherlock Holmes became a witness in the Marriage of Irene Adler to Mr.Godfrey Norton  of the inner temple whom happen to be her Lawyer.

Holmes devised a plan to trick Irene Adler into showing him where the picture was hidden.  He prepared a series of events and also provided Dr. Watson with his own part in the plan which required him to throw a rock through her window and scream fire when Holmes provide the signal. 

Holmes’ plan was performed perfectly, and as he had predicted she betrayed herself  by running to it when she thought their was a fire.  Once Holmes acquired the information he needed he quickly left and walked home with Dr. Watson.  Irene Adler realized she had given herself away and quickly sent John, the coachman to watch Holmes as she ran upstairs and dressed in casual clothing and followed him.  She kindly greeted him before he entered his home.  Irene Adler ran over to her husband at the temple and they both agreed that the best plan was to run away.  They went back to Irene Adler’s home and quickly packed up and left.  Irene Adler left behind a picture of herself and a letter addressed to Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes contacted the king so that he may go with him to retrieve the picture.  When they arrived to the house, it had been emptied and Irene Adler no longer resided.  The house keeper gave Holmes the letter that Irene Adler had written to him.  The letter had stated her knowledge of him and his plan and informed him that she was long gone. She stated that she was over the king but  she would keep the picture for her own protection .  She left behind a picture of herself which Holmes kept.  To Sherlock Holmes she was forever known as the woman. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.