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Crystal Rivas

PSY 11 Section: 4241


Professor Cunningham


The Story of My Birth


            The day was January 7, 1987.  The pain that shot through my mother was one the worst pains of her life. She already had two prior birthing experiences, which means she speaks from her own personal knowledge. My mother has had a history of difficult births. The first time she was pregnant, the baby couldn’t survive outside of the womb.  The second time she was pregnant, the baby was born six months too soon, but managed to survive and grew up to be my strong older brother.  She carried me for the full eight months before the contractions finally poured over her.


            She sat in a hospital bed sweating from the pain.  She assumed she would be having a Caesarian (also know as a C-section), but she assumed wrong.  The doctors wanted her to try to have a natural birth.  She states that, “the doctors purposely sent another patient into her room to convince her that giving natural birth was easier and safer.” My mother took the bait.  She tried it.  They stuck an injection within her spine; she says that the pain that tortured her body was the worse she’d ever felt.


            Her back was in pain.  Her stomach was in pain.  And she couldn’t lay down for the life of her.  Someone did an incorrect move with the needle and her back was harmed in the process.  The doctors never apologized for their miscalculations and they continued the process of couching her into natural birth.  When she pushed nothing came out.  The doctors finally realized that I was being strangled by the umbilical cord and performed the emergency C-section that was originally planned. My mother has had a bad back ever since.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.