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This word strikes a nerve and sends waves of bitter annoyance through my body.  Simply reading the word sends feelings of anger through me.  Why is it so easy for this word to slip from ones tongue. 


It should be band. Such a word that places an

individual in to an inferior position should be taken more seriously.  It knocks an individual down emotionally, mentally, and spiritually even if the person doesn't even realize it.  People brush it off as if it were nothing.  They take it as a joke not realizing that they've just been insulted. 


This word has a bigger impact then the obvious word like "Bit*h",  and "As*hole".  This word can sneak into you subconscious, bury itself into your personality and emerge from your mouth in different forms such as, "I can't do it"  "I 'm not smart enough"   "I feel stupid" or  "I can't do anything right."  It destroys your confidence and forces a obscure vision of yourself. 


Never say this word to me or any one I know because I will have a few negative words to say to you and it won't be "Stupid."



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.