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Darius Muniz

Professor Crick

CMS 11  1512H

March 22nd , 2010



Open-mindedness is one of the key ingredients in being able to make sense of the world around you and of the different cultures and people you will encounter within it. Allowing for the unbiased intake of information and experiences will expose a person to a richer and more detailed view of their immediate environment and also of the surrounding environments in which we venture. We live in a world comprised of different races coming from very different cultural backgrounds and beliefs and yet through the environment of the United States, each of us is interacting with people of different backgrounds and cultures on a daily basis and on all tiers of involvement.

Being able to determine that despite our differences all people still operate towards achieving the same goals of survival and life fulfillment, we can then move away from a feeling of egocentrism and superiority and begin to view the people around us as equals. To understand the complexities of what it means to be part of a global community, the individual must first shed their prejudices  and their almost unconscious ways of stereotyping anything we view as different, and become more willing to learn and not so quick to judge. Through the means of effective communication and through the elimination of self defeating modes of interacting and thinking, only then can we truly experience the world and the people in it with an open-mind.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.