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Darius Muniz

Professor Tarlin

English 12 1872H

September 19th  2009






  There are two fields that sum up the complex nature that defines us as humans.  The physical, which encompasses man-made environments, institutions, actions, and behavior. Then there is the non-physical which encompasses human thoughts, emotions, and the motivations that directly affect the physical and the world it encompasses.  Psychology deals with the non-physical mostly and gives insight on how the mind works. Sociology deals with the physical mostly and demonstrates how we react to and shape our environments and vice-versa. Though both fields transcend both the physical and non physical, it is the way all things interact and why they interact that a combination of these two fields in my opinion can shed light on almost any issue that plagues us today.


My academic journey will focus mostly on these two distinct social sciences for they have been best qualified in answering the most pressing and life altering issues encountered throughout my life time. Why do people behave the way they do? why and what is religion?, what is government and why is it such a non-negotiable aspect of my life?, what attracts us to the things we like and how can society and culture influence those preferences?. What is family and why is it structured the way it is? Why is money so important and why does it have the power to dictate happiness and shape lives? These are just some of the questions we all ponder every day and suffer through for most of our lives, but leave unanswered due to social conditioning and lack of awareness of one’s standing and place in society.


The most dramatic events of my life can be traced back to distinct and defining Moments.  From my childhood, a time when I had little control over my own world and my first views on life were shaped. Through adolescence, a time of new experiences, betrayals, love, loss, destruction and finally the years of rebuilding and strength. 


   All my life I have experienced firsthand how a lack of understanding in one’s self and ones environment , can have a profound impact on your decision making processes. How every action no matter how unimportant you think it is, actually affects every aspect of your life and the lives of the people around you. Through despair and un-enlightenment we cause despair, which in turn causes more despair and becomes a destructive cycle. Feelings are hurt, morals are clouded, values are lost, families are broken, misunderstandings lead to violence, laws are disregarded, judgments are not sound, corruptions occur, leaderships are flawed, governments lose purpose, and societies suffer.


  I refuse to become part of a cycle which only possible outcome is destructive and limited in nature. My life has been filled with experiences ranging the spectrum of emotions and I treasure the qualities of each for the level of knowledge they have allowed me to achieve. I use the negative aspects as a motivation and blueprint on how to become a better man and how I can set an example for the lives that I will influence directly or indirectly.


  Through psychology and sociology, I can train my mind to think along these guidelines and bring enlightened thought to my life and the lives of people my work will touch. I will use my experiences , both negative and positive, and integrate them with my fields of study in the hope that a lack of education on the personal level will never be the cause of any ones suffering.  That we can better understand ourselves so that we can overcome the intricacies of what we perceive to be monotonous lives and realize that we are all an important part of a society with a purpose of social and technological evolution.


  My hope is to advance my knowledge and in turn to advance the knowledge of my fields through the application of experience, logic, expertise, dedication, and the passion to bring educated change to any shadows that have yet to be illuminated by the pioneers of my chosen areas of study. To apply the knowledge obtained to affect real change in my society and my immediate surroundings and to live up to the standards in which these understandings dictate.


 I plan to advance myself to the doctorate level in clinical psychology and to follow suit with a degree in applied or clinical sociology. I pride myself on my ability to recognize behaviors and their causes due to my experiences, which makes me a natural in psychology and I have developed a passion for sociology and its defining principles and insights into the world as a whole. I look forward to all the discoveries that await and for the opportunity to be a part of the advancement of mankind.






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.