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Darius Muniz
New Student Seminar
October 5th  2010



                                             Journal Entry 2

1.I feel she’s talking about freedom. Freedom to be who she wants to be without restraints from society, government, a male perspective, or any other dominant influence that is often taken as conformity and gospel. I think this poem reflects a great deal of what most of us feel at some point or another in our lives. Also she speaks of all the everyday struggles and inner battles we have as we try to shape our ideals to be good and pure. How we can live in a way to promote our individuality and at the same time create unity through mutual understanding. This poem relates to voices across time in that it’s the words of a woman recanting her life experiences and consequent thoughts and reactions. Through her written window we can now see a glimpse of what life was like through stages of her life which included war time America.

2.My plans for this semester are getting grades between the B+ and A range, also to absorb as much information as possible to the extent that I have a working knowledge on how to apply it to my everyday life. I plan on being accepted into Psi Chi honor society if not this semester then definitely by next semester. I can honestly say that if anything would be possible to affect me negatively then it would have to be something I caused in the first place. My remedy for that would be to be as disciplined as possible to minimize distractions and negative situations that would hinder my outcome of success in important areas in my life. Also, remembering to stay focused and having a healthy motivational drive towards my goals and aspirations.

3. a cultural/familial experience I have had in the last few years would best be described by the summer I spent on my grandparents farm in Puerto Rico in 2007. The old style house made out of cinder blocks and painted a tropical peach, the type of color synonymous with a tropical island and as vibrant as the sun over head. The house immediately brought back memories of my childhood and how I used to help my grandfather plant different types of plants in neat linear rows. I remember the night sky filled with stars, the warm wind as it calmly swept by, and as clear to me as if it were yesterday the swaying of the palm trees and the sound of rain hitting them repeatedly on a rainy night. Many memories that have represented a change across my life span, a bridge to what once was and what is now.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.