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Darius Muniz

New Student Seminar, Group A

November 4th, 2010



                                                 Journal Entry 3


1. Consolation for being yourself-


                                                   Marcus Aurelius wrote; reserve your right to act according to your own nature and also the cosmic Nature without being put off by critics guided by their own reasons. Marcus suggested cultivating qualities within your power such as sincerity, dignity, industriousness, and sobriety. Avoid grumbling and be frugal, considerate, and frank. The fulfillment of Nature should be viewed like the health of our body. Receive gladly what occurs even if it is unpalatable, for it balances the health of the universe and the well-being of God. If it were not beneficial to the whole, it would never happen to the individual; for Nature's government only brings about what is designed for good. For Marcus the goods a person should value are such things as prudence, temperance, justice, and courage, while the goods of wealth, luxury, and prestige are what leave no room for personal ease. Outward things cannot touch the soul and have no power to sway it; for the soul moves itself and has self-approved standards to evaluate experience. Marcus did not concern himself with another doing wrong; but he believed he received what the cosmic Nature willed him to receive, and he acted as his own nature willed him to act. He observed that the Mind of the universe is social, that lower forms served the higher, and the higher are linked in mutual dependence. What people set their hearts on in this life are vanity, corruption, and trash.


2. My favorite book from childhood was Shogun by James Clavell. I loved this book because of the epic adventure I would enter when reading it. The story follows the captain of a Dutch war ship that tries to circumnavigate the globe by way of Magellan straight. Which at the time only Spanish pilots, that’s what the captains were called at that time, had rutters or detailed accounts of captains when entering new waters recording wind patterns, position of stars, and so on for them to find their way back. Spain was at war with the Dutch, who happened to be under Spain’s rule. Anyway I could go on and on but mixed with history, the book is mainly about feudal Japan and its ruling class of shogun or warrior samurai.


3. Feedback has been pretty positive, not as perfect as I would like, but it’s evident that you get back what you put in. my midterm grades so far are a P for N.S.S, an A- in counseling interview, a B- in research methods, B for statistics, and an UE for perception. I know I could of gotten straight A’s if I  would of applied myself more, but every new environment requires an adjustment period and mine is this first semester at NYU. I registered for a winter course for 2 credits and beginning with this course I will apply what I have learned adapting myself to this new environment and create a more functional and pro active version of myself. Because when it comes down to it, I love this environment and all the knowledge that floats around just waiting to be absorbed and adapted to my thoughts. A more confident me, leads to a more productive and successful me.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.