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Darius Muniz

New Student Seminar, Group A

November 13th, 2010



                                               Journal Entry 4



1. I have learned many lessons in life thus far, but the one that is universally applied across time is; through self discipline your greatest potential is realized. We all come across situations in life where are first reaction is usually emotion filled and spontaneous, situations where we have the opportunity to advance our position through the expense of others. In other instances we come to many cross roads where we have the opportunity to make decisions and choices that reflect our inner character. It’s in these unique and defining moments where we get the chance to either give in to our selfish wishes and desires knowing that it will possibly lead to our demise, or through self discipline, experience, courage, knowledge, and an understanding of one’s self, that a path of true fulfillment can be achieved.


2. A personal ritual that I practice would be on any pre exam day. That morning I wake up to a minimum of four hours of chapter reading. Then I follow up by a detailed dissection of any corresponding notes, practice questions, power point slides, and study guides. The night before an important exam, I religiously set out my clothes, read a novel for an hour in a half to divert my mind from the upcoming day and it’s to bed by ten p.m. This routine leaves me well prepared, well read, well relaxed, and then well exhausted as to fall asleep peacefully and without worry. It’s counterproductive to be up all night with worry on your mind and will usually lead to barely any rest and a more than likely bad start.


3. I would choose intelligence as my necessity in life because through intelligence all other virtues can be achieved. Through knowledge and understanding one can then set their life on a path that will ultimately bring life’s true joys. Some say that ignorance is bliss, but the only ignorance I agree with is intelligent ignorance. In other words the intelligent and conscience choice to be ignorant and non comprehensive of things that we deem are unhealthy and destructive to our personal goals and hence avoid and if possible dismiss from our realities. Through intelligence wiser decisions can be realized and followed to the benefit of ourselves and those all around us. Intelligence if planted with care and nurtured throughout one’s life can produce a garden of unimaginable beauty in which we are the architect and grounds keeper. To be in control of one’s thoughts and actions through intelligence is a version of freedom that is seldom attested to, but is felt none the less.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.