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 Darius Muniz

Professor Fierro

New Student Seminar

December 17th, 2010


                                          Strength’s and Weaknesses


After taking the personal style inventory the results of my scores showed that I was introverted, an intuitor, a thinker, and equally a perceiver and a judger. Incorporating the strengths and weaknesses corresponding to the inventory, I will associate these to the top candidate qualities/skills that employers search for. Communication skills were the highest rated quality on the list and some of my strengths in this category would be: is careful before acting, works out new ideas, is organized, is flexible and adaptable, and decides. Possible weaknesses in this category would include: avoids others, is inattentive to detail, precision, does not notice people’s feelings, is easily distracted from tasks, and is unyielding, stubborn.


Strong work ethic was next on the list and my strengths in this criterion included: is diligent, works with the complicated, stands firm, compromises, and remains with a task. My weaknesses in this area would include: needs quiet to work, leaves things out in leaps of logic, is uninterested in persuading, does not finish projects, and is inflexible and inadaptable. Another important skill employers look for is teamwork skills and my strengths in this area include: works with ideas, solves novel problems, is just, sees all sides of issues, and plans.


My possible weaknesses in this area would include: is misunderstood by others, jumps to conclusions, shows less mercy, is easily distracted from tasks, and is decides with insufficient data. Initiative was next on the list and my strengths in this area were: independent, imagines or intuits, has critical ability, is flexible or adaptable, and makes quick decisions. Possible weaknesses in this area include: loses opportunities to act, loses sight to the here and now, is uninterested in persuading, does not control circumstances, and is controlled by tasks or plans.

The final most important skill or quality employers look for was a prospective applicants interpersonal skills. My strengths in this area include: is careful of generalizations, sees possibilities, is objective, is nit judgmental, and orders. My possible weaknesses are: dislikes being interrupted, jumps to conclusions, does not notice peoples’ feelings, is indecisive, and is unyielding or stubborn.


To help in strengthening my weaknesses in communication skills I would be greatly helped by taking courses such as basic statistics, research methods, fieldwork, and other courses of this nature that are writing intensive and work on basic communication skills both verbal and written through essay writing, researching, oral presentations, and content analysis.


To help strengthen my weaknesses for strong work ethic I would utilize courses again such as statistics, research methods I and II, and fieldwork. Courses that provide a robust amount of skills expected to be learned and provide an atmosphere that pushes the students’ boundaries towards large and thorough academic projects and assignments.


For teamwork I would utilize course such as the counseling interview, social psychology, group dynamics and other such courses that put an emphasis on group collaborations and projects. These courses would provide an environment that would put the student in contexts that would require using teamwork and teamwork related skills in learning to interact in group settings.


For initiative pretty much any course would strengthen this attribute in that each course requires that you take initiative in doing all coursework, attending all classes, studying for exams, and doing research for final papers and projects. As a student you will find that if you want to be successful you have to take initiative towards your work and hence shape people’s views towards your work ethic, communication skills, teamwork abilities, and interpersonal skills.


Finally for interpersonal skills I would utilize courses that again provide an atmosphere of group collaboration and coursework that allows the student to constantly interact and use their social skills. Courses such as group dynamics, counseling interview, fieldwork, all have aspects that put students in either dyadic or more than two in a group when doing role plays or group discussions.

Through a diverse variety of courses and disciplines each student can work on their own individual strengths and weaknesses by interacting with professors and other students alike with an awareness that will help them shape their personalities to possess attributes that best suit their desired interactional abilities and help them successfully maneuver the work place and hence life.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.