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cool things to know about


NYC ID--official ID for all NYC residents, regardless of your immigration status, good substitute for a drivers license, get you free one-year membership at many NYC venues, including museums and gardens


Open House New York--Oct 15 & 16, for one weekend, get access to many special NYC sites ordinarily closed to the public, including City Hall and the U.S. Custom House.


Free Kindle--already own a smart phone? Download the Kindle app for free and download free digital books from any library where you have an account. I'm happy to show you how.


Free audiobooks--better at listening than reading by sight? Public libraries have loads of audiobooks you can download for free to iPhones or MP3 players. Great for staying entertained while you're doing something otherwise boring like running, commuting, stocking shelves, or washing dishes. Again, I'm happy to offer support if you'd like.


Easy learning during your down time--A lot of people listen to music on the go, but listening to podcasts is also an entertaining way of building skills and knowledge. You can listen from your computer, or, dowload them podcasts onto your phone or MP3 player. These are my favorites:

Dropbox! Still emailing stuff to yourself? Using a thumb drive? Streamline your writing life and NEVER get caught without your work by using Dropbox, a free document storing app that lets you access your files from any computer, even from your phone! I swear by it.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.