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Mon      29           Introductions & review syllabus

Wed      31           Reading assignment due: Barry,

                            “A Heated Linguistic Debate”

                            [all required course readings can be

                              accessed from the reading

                               assignments page]



Mon      5              College Closed-No classes

Wed      7              Reading assignment due: Mairs,

                            “On Being a Cripple”

Mon      12            Discussion & in-class writing

Wed      14            Discussion & in-class writing

Mon      19           Writing assignment due: What’s in a Name? (10%)

Wed      21            Reading assignment due: Moran, “Buying Sex Should Not Be Legal”

Mon      26            Reading assignment due:

                            McClelland, “Is Prostitution Just Another Job?”

                             – OR – Bazelon, “Should Prostitution Be a Crime?”

Wed      28           Discussion & in-class writing



Mon        3           No classes scheduled

Wed      5            Writing assignment due: Sex Work or Exploitation? (10%)

Thur       6            (Mon sched)     

                            Reading assignment due: Coates, “The Case for Reparations”

Mon      10           No classes scheduled (Columbus Day)

Wed      12           No classes scheduled

Mon      17           Reading assignment: Coates, “The Case for Reparations” (cont'd)

Wed      19           Discussion & in-class writing

Mon      24           Discussion & in-class writing

Wed     26           MIDTERM EXAM (10%)

Mon      31           Lecture: The research paper--how to



Wed      2            Writing assignment: Research proposal (step #1; 3%)

Mon       7             Meet in computer lab: Searching for sources—how to

                            10am--ME G16 / 2pm--NH 23

Wed      9            Meet in computer lab

                            10am--Sage 202 / 2pm--New Hall 23

                            Writing assignment: Annotated Bibliography (step #2; 3%)

Mon     14           Meet in computer lab (10am--ME G16 / 2pm--NH 23)   

                            Writing assignment:

                            Online source, printed out and annotated (step #3; 3%)

Wed      16          Meet in the library--study rooms 232, 233, and 234      

                            Writing assignment: Print source with summary --or--

                            dialogic journal (step #4; 3%)

Mon      21           Writing assignment: Draft of research paper (step #5; 3%)

Wed      23            Meet in the library--upper level, Southeast corner,

                                                                                near the Law Library        

                            Workshop: research/writing day

Mon      28            Meet in the library--upper level, Southeast corner,

                                                                                near the Law Library   

                            Workshop: research/writing day


Wed      30           Writing Assignment due: Research Paper (20%)



Mon       5              Reading assignment due: Final Exam essay (TBA)

Wed       7              Review for final exam


DEC 8, 3-5pm

party & presentations

Language Hall, Faculty & Staff Lounge


Mon      12             Review for final exam


Final Exam (25%): TBA—December 14-21

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.