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            I, Enid Hernandez-Torres, reside at my current address for nearly nine years.  I have been born, reared and continue to live in the Bronx, New York.  I am of Puerto Rican descent; although, my family is quite americanized and inter-racially mixed.  I am the eldest of three siblings, one sister (Talina Torres, 24 yrs) and one brother (Michael Angel Torres, 18 yrs).  Yet, I am the only child from my mother’s first marriage, I have three other step-brothers from my step-dad’s previous marriage and a few other siblings out-a ways and about from my biological father.  My mother divorced and re-married when I was three years old.  I will have little to mention with regards to my biological father (Eduardo Hernandez); other than, he was of Puerto Rican descent and a Marine Corp. Corporal Vietnam Veteran.    As per my mother, he possessed many trades from owning his own taxi, involved with the auxiliary police, as well as wielding.  He has been deceased since 1994.  The aftermath, of the post-traumatic syndrome, due to war effects had left him (my father) with an abundance of psyche troubles and disturbances.  The consequences of time served in the war, was the end result of my parent’s separation.  This led to the beginnings, of a new relationship, with my “Papi”.   Ismael Torres (69 yrs old), the man whose given me more than what my biological father could.  “Papi” is the one who gave me my bases in religion, as well as showed the ways in how to have a relationship with God!  Although, my early years, I was taught the beliefs of the Catholic Church.  Once Mami started with Papi, she became a Born Again Christian in the Pentecostal Church. 


            “Mami”, Ruth Ruiz-Torres (55 yrs old), is my mother, a career professional Head Registered Nurse; who has the satisfaction of saying, she turned down numerous offers of promotions to become a Supervisor and Associate Director of Nursing.  Her main reason that she states is, “She is comfortable in life and not wanting any other responsibilities, other than the one held to her family”.  She recently completed another degree this January 11th, 2008 from College of New Rochelle (All thanks to my encouragements).  Mami has been my mirror of inspiration, watching her raise me amongst all the struggles, sacrifices, ventures, dramas and trials with their tribulations.  I can say, she definitely has been the “Professor/Instructor” that’s enculturated all of what stands within my value system, morals and beliefs.  Since, my younger adolescent years, while my mom mastered her career I was left to spend most of my days with “Grandma”.


            “Grandma”, Carmen Agustina Acosta Alicea Ruiz (80 yrs old), she goes down in history for me!  “Grandma” is my “Super Woman”.  The feelings that I have for this woman is something AWEFUL!!  She definitely owns my heart, besides my little family.  She came to the United States, at the age of thirteen, with her father (Leoncio Alicea) and 9 brother and sisters after the death of her mother (Menina Acosta).  She met my grandfather, Raymond Ruiz, becoming his wife and the mother of six children (3 boys, 3 girls).  Together my grandparents aided with the upbringing of 3 other nieces and nephews.  “Grandpa” is my #1 man.  I have the fondest memories with grandpa; especially, in the kitchen and at the beaches, since he was a chief.  When it came to food in my home, there was plenty…  Now back to Grandma, she has played the most pertinent position and given me “insight” to life.  The advice that has been given to me, by her, are priceless tickets, in learning wisdom, to live life.  Let me give a few of her famous quotes, for instance:

I.      Wisdom comes with Age…

II.      Foolish laughter leads to tears…

III.      Those who don’t take heed to advice will never reach old age…

IV.      You have to know how to live life, NOT let life live you…


         I would have to state that “Grandma and Mami” have been the fundamental molders in shaping my personality, my enculturation processors and child-rearing mentors. 


            I am a 34 year old Hispanic wife, sister, daughter, friend and mother.  I am the mother of three daughters, Tiana Maya (13 yrs), Anise Mia (8 yrs) and Liyan’la Myla Torres (7 yrs old).  My daughters are all from my husband, Luis Anthony Torres (32 yrs).  “Tony” and I have twenty-three years of history.  I have known him since the fifth grade of elementary school while attending St. Nicholas of Tolentine Catholic School.  Furthermore, St. Nicholas of Tolentine is the church where we went back and later united in matrimony.  My husband is a Licensed Master Barber and has been an entrepreneur by owning his own business. 


            I attended Catholic school during my elementary years and first year of high school at Mother Cabrini.  Eventually, I finished high school within the public school system at Harry S. Truman High School, where I received a diploma.  While in my last year of high school, I had been recruited by the U.S. Marine Corp. to serve active duty for four years.  Fortunately, I received a medical discharge due to a condition which came about that needed treatment and therapy; therefore, I was given the option to either postpone my ship date or receive a medical discharge and I chose the discharge.  Then, I took a break from school and began working.  The job (Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center) was a fairly decent job, at a great pay rate, for my age without a degree; THIS WAS GREAT…  In time, moving me on, to work as a transcriptionist and clinic coordinator in various specialty areas in the hospital, at a power plant (Major task: Monthly Fuel/Natural Gas Bidder), electrical-architectural suppliers (Major task: Take-Offs of the plans/specifications) and the last position held was Assistant Coordinating Manager in the Nursing Education Office, at Lincoln Hospital.  Lincoln Hospital is where I have recently resigned from; in order, to continue my education.  Although, in the past, I had tried to stay going to school by attending Hostos Community College for a year, Lehman College for a Real Estate Salesperson Course, A Law Enforcement Course and 20 credits with Kaplan University Online towards a criminal justice major.  Remember in between these years, I have been busy with raising my three children. 


            The children’s extra circular activities and school schedule is something I am heavily involved in.  At times, wondering if we are overbooked within our schedules.  I even keep physically active with my girls from taking dance classes and performing in dance recitals with them.  On one occasion, Tiana (my eldest) and I were dance partners in a Hip-Hop routine.  I am currently playing the drums (snares and bass) and in the band; while the girls are baton twirlers and cheerleaders for an organization called “Shining Stars” that marches the parades; especially, the Puerto Rican Day Parade.  Tiana whom attends Dance Theater of Harlem, while Anise and Liyan'la are with the Young Achievers Program.  I really enforce and encourage education on my children, hoping that I may also be a mirror of inspiration to them.      


            These all being reasons and examples of why I am attending college here at Bronx Community College, as well as need to attend college.  In order to obtain a degree, in the hopes of becoming a registered nurse; will enable me and give me the opportunity to grow.  Allowing me the chance to provide the bare and basic essentials; along with the comforts and luxuries for my children.  Hence, I want to meet up with my Mami in Florida, where she recently bought a five bedroom house back in October 2007.  As “Grandma” says, “If you see yourself there, you will be there”!    

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