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Group Work and Metacognition: Helping Students Understand the Work of the Disciplines Through Collaborative Textual Analysis on ePortfolio 


Jordi Getman-Eraso & Kate Culkin

A presentation at Understanding the essence(s) of portfolio-based learning. A collaborative international seminar. 

University of Edinburgh, June 7, 2016.



While students often equate success with regurgitating information, humanities professors aim for students to develop critical thinking skills and comprehend the analysis essential to their disciplines work. Bronx Community College professors have addressed this disjuncture through collaborative textual analysis using Digications ePortfolio Conversations tool. In this interactive presentation, BCC history faculty lead a group analysis of a historical document, to demonstrate how the technology functions and its potential to engage students in the epistemological foundations of the discipline and empower them to develop metacognitive skills that maximize their potential for critical thinking and academic work. Presenters address how their scholarly research on the tools effectiveness in achieving student learning outcomes illuminates what is gained when the scholarship of teaching and learning in the humanities and ePortfolios are discussed in the context of one another.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.