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Welcome to the History Department's Faculty Resources site!


The goal of this site is to collect and share resources and teaching practices. It is aimed primarily at HIS 10/11 and HIS 20 instructors, but some of the information should be useful for any history instructor.


It is a companion to sites maintained by or for the department


This site is built for growth and your input will make it thrive


The site is a project by Drs. Culkin and Hardman. It will be maintained primarily by the History 10/11 Coordinator, who will act as the main "admin" and solicit material to place on the site. Additonal admins will be assigned to curate and develop the HIS 20 section.


Please contact the History 10/11 Coordinator (currently Elizabeth.Hardman@bcc.cuny.edu) with any announcements, sample assignments, input, ideas, concerns, etc.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.