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About Honors Contracts


An honors contract gives both students and faculty in a non-honors section the exciting opportunity to do honors-level work. In principle, a contract could be designed for almost any college course, whether for vocational enhancement or for transfer. The contract is an agreement between the student and instructor that specifies the honors-level objectives and tasks to be completed by the student in addition to those of the normal class. Contracts are made at the discretion of the professor and with the assistance of the Honors Program Co-Coordinators. Honors contract requirements may include additional readings, writing, as well as special projects. The biggest advantage of honors contracts is that they allow students to explore their favorite subjects in greater depth while compiling honors credits within the boundaries of their own personal schedule.


Qualifications to work on an Honors Contract:

- A 3.2 or higher GPA based on a minimum of nine college credits

- In exceptional circumstances, a student who does not meet these guidelines may, in consultation with the Honors Program Coodinators and the instructor, be approved for an honors contract.


How do I turn my non-honors class into an Honors Contract?

Simply approach your professor early in the semester to ask if he or she is willing to enter into an honors contract with you. If the professor agrees, the student will be assigned a project, which may be a reading/writing assignment, a presentation, a Blog, a video, an animation, or any other type of scholarly work. The student and the professor must complete their respective  online honors contract forms as soon as possible (see menu left). The forms will be submitted for approval by the Honors Program Co-Coordinator. Approval will be based upon whether or not the contract adequately reflects the attributes detailed in the honors contract application.


As a general guideline, students may anticipate an investment of one-quarter to one-third more effort in earning honors credit by the completion of an honors project. Important: The student is responsible for completing the project according to the professor's time-line and standards. Shortly after the course final grades have been submitted, the professor is responsible for advising the Honors Program Co-Coordinators that the student received at least a B+ in the course and satisfactorily completed the project. The note must contain the student's full name, Empl-ID, grade, course number, and section. Without such a note from the professor, the student will NOT receive honors credit for the course. There is no need to send a copy of the project to the Honors Program Co-Coordinators. Once a student completes all the honors course requirements and receives a grade, the registrar will be advised to update his/her Official transcript to reflect a completed honors-level course.


Please note:

*Students can have no more than 3 honors contracts or a combination of 3 honors contracts and honors courses per semester. 

*It is recommended that instructors have no more than 2 honors contracts per semester.


What if a professor is unwilling to offer an Honors contract?

While this is a fairly rare occurrence, professors are sometimes unwilling to offer honors contracts when first approached. Often, this is due to an unfamiliarity with the Honors Program and the honors contract process. While offering honors contracts is voluntary, most professors who are unfamiliar with this program elect to participate once they are fully informed about the process and the benefits to students. However, the student must keep in mind that the instructor has the last say on whether or not the course can be taken for honors credit.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.