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Online Honors Contracts



Honors Contracts are due by the seventh week of the semester.


Students and and their professors must both complete and submit an online contract. 


Professors must include a detailed description of the project. Include information on the format and content of the project, as well as the due date for the final project and any preliminary assignments. Also include information on the grading criteria or a grading rubric. 


If you have questions, please contact Dr. Durante by phone at 718-289-5569 or by email at anthony.durante@bcc.cuny.edu.



Honors Program Learning Objectives: 

  • Develop competence in the course content through assignments and class activities appropriate to the discipline

  • Develop the ability to interpret and analyze information through assignments and class activities appropriate to the discipline (General Education Proficiency: Reasoning and Analysis)

  • Develop the ability to organize ideas to reveal patterns, differences, and similarities related to course concepts through assignments and class activities appropriate to the discipline (General Education Proficiency: Communication)

  • Develop the ability to communicate their ideas with clarity through writing (General Education Proficiency: Communication. Only required for WI sections, but encouraged in all.)


Student Pre-Requisite:

• A minimum GPA of 3.00 and at least 9 college credits (may or may not be earned at BCC).



Student Responsibilities: 

  • Submit the online "BCC Honors Contract: Student" (web link below).
  • Complete an Honors Project in addition to the normal course requirements and earn a grade of “B+” and “H” in the course. (Submission of an Honors Project does not guarantee a “B+” or Honors credit; the professor supervising the project has the final say on whether or not a student will receive Honors credit).

  • Upon completion of the work, the professor is to inform Dr. Durante whether or not the student has earned the Honors credit.    


Faculty Responsibilities:

  • Develop an assignment appropriate to the discipline that will help the student not only acquire an enhanced learning experience, but also reach the learning objectives of the Honors Program.

  • Submit the online "BCC Honors Contract: Instructor" (web link below). Provide the project title and a brief description in one or two sentences. 
  • At the end of the semester, send an e-mail to Dr. Anthony Durante stating the student's completion of the course with a B+ or higher and satisfaction of the Honors project as stated in the contract. Send an e-mail note with this information to anthony.durante@bcc.cuny.edu to record the student's accomplishments.
  • Provide the following information in the note: semester, year, course and section number, student's name, EMPLID, and grade. Please indicate if the student has satisfactorily fulfilled or not fulfilled the agreed upon requirements stated in the Honors contract.
  • There is no need for the student or the instructor to provide us with a copy of the project, unless the instructor believes the work is worthy of and the student willing to have broad recognition in a publication or in the Honors Showcase.


Notes on Projects:

  • The project should help students achieve the Honors Program learning objectives, but does not need to be a term paper. It may also be a video, a PowerPoint presentation, artwork, animation, or any other creative work that the student and instructor agree achieves Honors quality work in design and execution. It can be an expanded version of an assignment the entire class is doing or a separate assignment. Some faculty work with students to develop the assignment, while others design the assignment and give it to the students to apply their own creative input. In all cases, faculty should have significant input into the assignment.

Complete the Honors Contract on-line, ensuring to provide all requested information.


Students can access the contract by clicking on the following link:

BCC Honors Contract: Student


Professors can access the contract by clicking on the following link:

BCC Honors Contract: Instructor




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.