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Honors Credit on Transcript


Once you've completed an honors course or honors contract and received a "B+" or above in the course, your instructor is required to notify the Honors Program of your grade.  The Honors Program then sends an email to the Registrar requesting that an "Honors Credit" be placed on your permanent transcript.  Unfortunately, the Honors Program cannot estimate when the "Honors Credit" will appear on your official transcript.  So please be sure to have your instructor notify the Honors Program as soon as final grades are posted. 


Important Information about this process

1) Your instructor must notify the Honors Program that you've received a "B+" or above, otherwise you will not have the "Honors Credit" on your transcript.  This means that at graduation you will not receive your Honors certificate.


2)  If you are applying for a program or grant or to a school and want immediate confirmation of your Honors status, Dr. Durante can write a letter confirming your partication in the Honors Program.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.