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How To Become a BCC Honors Program Scholar Candidate


The application process to become an Honors Program Scholar Candidate consists of a completed online application, an essay, and an interview.



Write an essay of approximately 250-500 words describing your educational goals and explaining the role of the Honors Program in achieving these goals. Make sure to discuss that you possess one or more of the abovementioned qualities. We prefer essays that deal with a few qualities in detail to those that try to cover all of the qualities. The essay is to be included in the online application.



Part of the Honors Program Scholar application process is to have an interview with the Honors Program Coordinators. Upon receipt of your completed application, you will be contacted by email to schedule an interview. In the interview we will cover many of the following question areas with you:


  • What are some examples of achievements in academics or other areas in which you take special pride?
  • When academic or personal obstacles have presented themselves, how have you reacted and responded?
  • What specific talents, abilities, and interests would you bring to the Honors Program?
  • In what ways have you demonstrated curiosity and a love of learning?
  • In what kinds of situations have you found it easiest to feel motivated and involved? Hardest to be motivated or involved?
  • What are some of the things you feel the Honors Program should be offering you?
  • What reactions do you have about the possibility for a substantial amount of research or project work, and how have you been involved in team efforts in the past?
  • What have you learned about team work or working in groups?
  • In what sorts of learning situations have you felt the most and least challenged?
  • What are your future goals and hopes?

For us, the goal of the interview is to learn as much about you as we can. If there are things that you would like us to know that are not covered by these questions, please feel free to bring them up.


Application Form

Applications forms are due by the 4th week of the Fall and Spring semesters. Please click on the following link to access the form:https://goo.gl/forms/2lVax1wP5UpHg7Gj1


If you have any questions, contact Dr. M. Renée Briggs: Monique.Briggs@bcc.cuny.edu  


Apply to become an Honors Program Scholar Candidate

and fulfill your potential!


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.