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Study Abroad opens new worlds.  It offers opportunities for adventure, excitement and intellectual stimulation.  It allows students to earn credits while learning about new countries on four continents  It makes participants more attractive to four year colleges and universities, and to future employers.  Study Abroad is one of the valuable experiences that Bronx Community College students can enjoy.  Everyone should participate.


Where can I go and for how long?           

The City University of New York offers semester and year long Study Abroad programs.  It also offers opportunities for study for one month, either during January intersession, or during the summer.  Many Bronx Community College students have found these shorter programs very attractive. They allow students to study in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, meet fellow participants from all over the United States, and earn up to six transferable credits.  There are programs in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and England, as well as in Senegal, Rwanda, Ecuador and Argentina, and a number of other African and South American countries.  One of our most exciting programs is a month in Shanghai, China.


Get course credits towards your degree

Most of these programs typically offer free electives in the humanities.  Several, such as the program in Madrid, Spain, offers Spanish language.  China is rapidly becoming one of the most important centers of manufacturing and trade in the world.  Shanghai is the manufacturing and financial center of the country, and our Shanghai program offers introductory courses in international business as well as in Chinese. 


Cultural experiences           

The month long program in Florence, Italy is the most popular of our many Europe based programs.  Since experiencing the host country is one of the most important, and valuable, parts of Study Abroad, students not only get to study Italian art and culture in the capital of the Renaissance, but are also able to travel to Rome, Venice and many of the other beautiful and important sites of Italian history.  All Study Abroad programs offer similar opportunities for travel.


An experience you will never forget

I have never met a student who was not transformed by Study Abroad, or who did not say it was one of the most valuable, and memorable, experiences of their college career.  With more than twenty-five programs, there is a wide variety of countries to choose from.  It is a wonderful opportunity not to be missed. 


Who do I contact?

All students who are interested in Study Abroad, either for this coming summer, or for any January or summer intersession in the future should contact the BCC International Initiatives office. Click here for more information.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.