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Final Project


(For the final grade you will do two things: one is a 1) research composition and a podcast and one 2) is the creation of an eP page. I will average out both grades.



You must choose on the following topics and create an ePortfolio page on the topic of your choice. Call the page (link) created on the top banner as "Final project". It will be due (must be published) on Dec 17th at 8.00pm.


(A. Gentileschi)



Topics to choose from:


1) Dieta mediterranea

2) gli sport e i passatempi degli italiani

3) il turismo degli americani in Italia


Each page should have the following:


1) Write 30 lines in Italian on this topic (do not cut and paste from an Italian site), I can tel from the tenses, vocabulary that we have not covered if you do.You should summarize the topic in Italian of something you read on the Internet. This is acceptable.

2) post three photos that support your argument. Each photo must have credits and caption which explain in Italian why this image is significant to your argument

3) 3 links which will allow me to know key terms, locations, concepts, etc.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.