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The following ePortfolios belong to students who took Italian and Italian Honors classes and who have produced great models of winning ePortfolios. Due to their good work some students have even been offered a job (EP tutor, ITT tutor). What does this all mean for you? Doing fantastic work on your EP can land you a job or get you into a very prestigious school !


Look through these sites and get inspired to create your own EP. Use your EP to display the best of yourself snd motivate others.


Examples of EPs used to transfer to a 4 year college


Clara Fernandez, http://bcc-cuny.digication.com/clarafdezz/Home1// (@Columbia University) -- also an ITT


Evelyn Torres, http://bcc cuny.digication.com/EVELYN.TORRES/Welcome/published

@NYU, also an ITT


Examples of EPs used for classwork and tutoring work (ITT)


Malayka Rios, http://bcc-cuny.digication.com/XOXOCTI2012/Welcome/published

Crystal Rivas, http://bcc-cuny.digication.com/crystal.rivas/Home// 

Lissenellys Valdez: http://bcc-cuny.digication.com/21/Welcome/published 


Jerritt Naeem,



Yanisla Estrella, https://bcc-cuny.digication.com/stella2173/Welcome/published 



Examples of EPs used for school work



Arta Veliu, http://bcc-cuny.digication.com/ARTA/Welcome/published


Molaven Duarte:



http://bcc-cuny.digication.com/CAROLINA/Welcome/published (Carolina Valdivieso)


http://bcc-cuny.digication.com/EdwinAmador/Welcome/published (Edwin Amador)


http://bcc-cuny.digication.com/VERONICA35/About// (Veronica Vega)





Topics to think about:


1) Why did these EPs win the best awards?

2) Does mine look like this? What is missing?

3) What did I do better?

4) What's next for me? What steps do I need to make to improve my EP? Make a plan.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.