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Directions to Bronx Community College


You can find directions on traveling to Bronx Community College from our college website (click here). They include recommendations for public transportation and directions for those coming by private car. Directions to conference locations will be available at pedestrian and vehicle campus entrances.


Directions Once at Bronx Community College


We will start the day with our Breakfast and Plenary Session in Colston Hall Lower Level. From there we will move to our brand new North Instructional Building and Library (North Hall) for the Concurrent Sessions. For Lunch, we will return to Colston Hall Lower Level before picking up again our afternoon Concurrent Sessions in the North Instructional Building.


See the map below for directions to and from Colston Hall and the North Instructional Building. You can download the map in PDF format: BCCDirectionsSheet.pdf



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.